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If you are a CEO or senior manager of an organisation in Colchester, we would like to invite you to become a Colchester Ambassador, to help us promote the town to others seeking to do business here.

Colchester Ambassadors has a steering group of 19 founders who will help co-cordinate activities moving forward and new Ambassadors are invited to become Associates, whose role will be to spread the word about the great work that is done in the town and to point people back to this website. You will also be invited to future events.

If you would like to become an Associate, please supply a photograph of yourself, 100 words about your organisation and your website link for our Associates page and you will receive the Colchester Ambassadors logo to add to your own website and marketing materials. Please email your information to

Please note, we are not a membership organisation and do not pay a subscription but everyone will be asked to contribute towards the costs of any events.

You are free to leave the group at any time and we will remove your information from the website.

Role of a Colchester Ambassador

The aims of the Colchester Ambassadors’ Group are:

i) To set out compelling differences so that Colchester stands out from competitor towns/cities, particularly in the 50-mile ring around London.

ii) To set out statements on identity that show Colchester is an ambitious place for business.

iii) To describe how Colchester is a city by most criteria, even if not formally granted city status.

iv) To raise the profile of Colchester as a driver of economic growth.

v) To embody values and emotion in the identity of Colchester.

vi) To inspire those inside and outside Colchester about its future.

vii) To result in a call-to-action.


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The Colchester Ambassadors will be well-informed to extol the virtues and qualities of Colchester as an engine of economic growth. Colchester Ambassadors will:

  • Seek opportunities to influence key stakeholders in their contribution to enhancing the economic impact of Colchester.
  • Represent Colchester at strategic discussions with policy makers, funders and bodies taking major decisions that affect the competitiveness of Colchester.
  • Act as a sounding board for the identification of future opportunities and issues which will define Colchester as The Creative City of the future.
  • Identify Calls-to-Action for Colchester, its partners, stakeholders and decision makers to improve and develop the well-being of citizens, workers and residents of Colchester.